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Whats Your Avocado?

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Stacie Zinn Roberts is the author of the new self-help book, How to Live Your Passion & Fulfill Your Dreams. She is an award-winning writer, motivational speaker based in the Seattle area and serves as the host of Live Your Passion TV. Every week, Stacie interviews authors, artists and entrepreneurs, men and women who Live their Passion, to provide real examples of people who have reached success.

The show is the perfect vehicle for Stacie to teach her What’s Your Avocado? personal empowerment concept. The idea is that every person has something about them that’s special. And she calls that special element Your Avocado. Stacie offers tips and strategies to help you find your Avocado and bring that spark that’s inside of you out into the world to help you to Live Your Passion and fulfill your dreams.

Who is Stacie Zinn Roberts? She’s a widely-published writer, speaker, marketing consultant and a true believer in the ability that is within everyone to live an inspired life. Raised in Philadelphia, she lived most of her adult life in Naples, Florida.  She now resides in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains in Washington State with her husband, Rob, and stepdaughter, Kimry.

She’s trained at the Chopra Center in Carlsbad, California, and learned advanced meditation techniques under Deepak Chopra and Davidji. She’s studied yoga at yoga studios all over the country. She regained her joy through Laughter Yoga with instructor Gigi Felicetta, and learned peace through experiencing a variety of meditative practices including crystal bowl meditation and the flow art of hula hooping. A woman in her 40′s, Stacie has been there, done that, and printed her own T-shirt. Literally. She shares her experiences with her listeners and cheers on her guests as they reveal their own journeys.




Stacie speaks to groups all over the country about the power of living your passion, in both business and in life. Her keynote speeches, workshops and retreats focus on three main subject areas:

Empowerment for Business & Lifestyle: 

Stacie’s keynote speeches and workshops focus on inspiring audiences to Live Their Passion. She does this by helping people discover that unique element that makes them special, (Your Avocado), and use that knowledge to live a better life. The subject matter can expand into half-day and full-day workshops that teach meditation, journaling, positive self talk, personal vision statements, strategic life planning along with the What’s Your Avocado? concept. Her signature speeches are:

• How to Quiet the Mean Voice in Your Head: Positive Self Talk

• What’s Your Avocado?: How to Find Your Purpose, in Business & in Life

• Meditation for Stress Relief



Tell Your Business Story: How to find Your Avocado, define your brand and tell your story through marketing and PR



How to Write Non-Fiction Articles: Instructional tips for aspiring writers


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